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Monday, March 12, 2012

Galaxy Nexus: Houston we have a problem

Recently my brother’s Galaxy Nexus welded itself together while he was charging it. According to Verizon personal at the local store, they told him it was a bad batch. Ouch!

galaxy nexus spark with M

Searched the internet for this problem but nothing came out from searching Galaxy Nexus fusing/welding to charging cable. Nothing besides screen burned or phone getting to hot comes up. I really don’t think this is a first, but if it is then the batteries from that batch must be really not be off good quality. Ok, I did find my USB port fried, wonder if it was just replaced.

For everyone out there in forums and discussing problems with it getting to hot, that should be a concern. At least look into that problem, perhaps exchanging it for a new phone from a different batch. Just in case make sure you keep a smoke detector/fire extinguisher next to your phone as it charges. Ok, that might be taking it to the extremes but what would have happened if my brother was sound asleep and it caught fire and nothing to warn him besides the smell of smoked flesh. I’m just saying.

He was not able to retrieve any of his photos since it is the same port that is used to transfer. Luckily for him, they simply gave him a new phone with accessories needed.

Just informing the tech personal out there on the net, incase you are looking into this phone or already own one. Take caution, I rather not  say, “I told you so.”

Now if you are not experiencing any problems with the phone then congratulations and enjoy the beautiful technology.


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