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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Xbox One and PS4

Microsoft recently had their Xbox One reveal and it was pretty awesome to see how fast it runs, with the cloud service. Instant switching between a game, movie, Skype and even Internet browsing.

Well at least they made it look flawless during the presentation. I wonder how fast their Internet speeds were during that time. Console finally looks more like a box that is for sure, and pretty big. The specs are nice both boosting up memory and power. Even the new camera is very responsive. Plus, Xbox has finally made the move to blu-ray.

PS4 system has not been revealed yet until e3 but the controller was shown and a few demos. Same memory size as Xbox One but faster memory. PS4 controller looks different with a pad in the center. The Xbox One controller just looks like a refined version of the same one.
If you have been following the console news, I find it hard to make a decision right now.

Several questions still remain like:

Will Sony keep PlayStation network free?

Will Xbox live maintain the same annual price?

What does Sony's new system PlayStation 4 look like?

Well either system be backward-compatible?

Will the games still cost the same?

How much will the Xbox one and Playstation 4 cost?

Those are some of the questions that are still left on answered. We will definitely find out at E3 this year.

As for me, I don't pay for cable I watch regular TV and record regular TV shows every now and then. Plus, mostly watch stuff online. Will the Xbox one have a TV tuner instead of just a cable tuner? and DVR capabilities, such as Tivo?

Both systems will integrate with our smart technology such as, iPhones , iPads and other smart devices.

The future looks bright and the war to be part of your living room continues. If you can afford both systems and are a serious gamer, then you probably will just get both, but for many of you one system will be enough.

Which system will be the center of your living room?

Until next time my friends in cyber space. Leave your comments or questions below.


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